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is a Finnish macro-businessman who lives in in Helsinki

He has started his career in food retail business but then changed to media branch. He was trained in Elanto in order to become a business executive and suggested to take warehouse leadership. But he wanted to take a challenge as an entrepreneur. He opened Pakastetalo, that sold frozen food, but was after 5 years changed to Säästäri, a retail chain of foods at low prizes. He sold his Säästäri to Elanto, which gave him possibility to start investing in media companies like Länsi-Uusimaa-newspaper and Suomen Suoramainonta distribution company. 

With Taito Tuunanen he started to buy chares of old media companies like Vaasa, Ilkka and Satakunnan kansa, but also insurance-companies like Sampo.

He put the smaller companies together in a consern called Nobiscum. In the economical depression of the nineteens Nobiscum  went into bankcrubt and he lost 130  million marks. He wanted to save the media companies and got his friend Rauno Puolimatka to financiate this idea with him. Thr result was a mediaconcern called Janton Oy, including Citypress, Länsi-Uusimaa, Turkulainen and Suomen Suoramainonta Oy. 

Mäkelä wanted to build co-operation instead of competition. So he searched co-operation with Finland´s Post, Turun Sanomat, Keski-Uusimaa and Sanoma Oy. He has been operating with Alma Media, Talentum and Ilkka trying to find possibilities for mutual benefits. 

Makela sold Janton with good profits and Saunalahti which 10 times higher prize than it was at the time of purchasing. So he was a self made millionaire for a second time. He was known as a tough negotiator and hard working, but also as a socially open and family-centered man. 

Kai Mäkelä has been a chairman or a board member in over 20 companies. He has also been in same amount of organizations taking many roles and responsibilities. 

He has taken part in saving the art center Retretti in Punkaharju, Finland. He has acted in a group that wants to clean the Eastern See and the war-veterans have been close to his heart also.  

In 2007 he was in a boat accident and has since been in hospital many times for longer periods. In the 2000 century KM has mainly acted as an investor and a business angel.


Personal information:

Born in Hyvinkää 1947.

Education:. Business executive schooling in Elanto 1985, Auditor (HTM) in 1980. Master of Economics, School of Economics, Helsinki 1995 Military value: Second lieutenant, course 125. 

Hobbies have been orienteering, golf, collecting butterflies and stamps, and also enterprise game.  

He is married, has four children and four grandchildren.


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